How Humidity Affects You

You may not think often of the ways in which humidity can have an effect on your life, but it certainly can. There are a number of reasons you might want to remove the humidity from your life, not the least of which can be joint pain.

Fighting Mold and Mildew

Mold and mildew positively love humidity. Humidity can make a house damp, leading to the growth of mildew and mould on your fabrics and even in hidden parts of your home. You often hear horror stories of black mould being found in people’s attics or behind their wall coverings. Removing the humidity helps keep things dryer, which means you’re less likely to find yourself dealing with any sort of mould or mildew related damages in the future.

Dust Mites

Have you ever heard of dust mites? They’re everywhere, and we can’t really get away from them. They’re on your bed, on your pillows, on your curtains. They’re on pretty much every piece of fabric in your home feeding on your dead skin. Sounds creepy, right? What’s even creepier is the fact that they tend to come around in even larger quantities in more humid environments. I bet you’re thinking about checking out these reviews of large  70 pint dehumidifiers right about now.

Feeling Pain

Believe it or not, there is even some belief that an increase in humidity can lead to an increase in pain, such as back and joint pain. Theory can cause inflamed tissue to swell, leading to even more pain than you may already be experiencing. Investing in a dehumidifier could mean fewer trips to the chiropractor, or at least more meaningful trips. Pain is no joke, so doing whatever you can to help combat it is a worthwhile endeavor.

Protecting Your Home

Humidity can lead to severe damage to your home if left unchecked. Issues with condensation can crop up if levels of moisture in the home are too high. You may see water streaming down your mirror after you get out of a hot shower. This is an early indicator there could be an issue with your humidity levels. A fogged-up mirror is one thing, but if there’s water coming down it, there was already a whole lot of water vapor in the air.

With too much humidity, wallpaper, wood paneling and even drywall can eventually become warped and damaged, leading to costs you might not otherwise have to spend. Investing in a good quality dehumidifier can be the difference between spending hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars on repairs, or going on that family vacation you’ve always wanted.

Keeping Dry

Humidity may not seem all that bad on the surface, but it’s clear to see the damage it can wreak on a home and the people inside it. Mould and mildew can lead to musty smells, and even respiratory issues, in extreme cases. Keeping your home free of humidity is a great way to make sure both your family and the place you call home are in top shape for years to come.


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